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Why O.T.D.S?

Ontario Truck Driving School is among the largest training programs available in the industry. Since 1978 our fully bonded and registered private vocational school has been providing the very best in truck, bus and heavy equipment training to thousands of students like you. Professional training is provided by qualified over the road instructors boasting years of veteran experience dealing with the equipment and challenges you’ll encounter in your new career.  With more than 50 full time employees dedicated to making your future a success, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Training for success!

Along with our in house trainers and industry leaders we are very pleased to be working in partnership with a few of the government offices that you will work alongside when you’re out there post-graduation.  Your course curriculum for truck training will include a border crossing trip in conjunction with border officials as well as Ministry of Transportation training on site with MTO officials.  Training crossing and Ministry policies and procedures will ensure you’re ready for cross border hauling. Complete understanding of the importance of these stations and exactly what is required of the drivers gives you a huge advantage.

Fork Lift , Aerial Lift, Boom Truck & Heavy Equipment Courses were introduced to train students on Backhoes, Bulldozers, Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Rock Trucks, Graders and Scrapers.  Today an operator’s job involves much more than Operating the equipment.

Thousands of men and women have successfully obtained employment and began careers operating heavy equipment, trucks, and buses with the help of our job-oriented training. You can too! Choose the best path to your new career. Ontario Truck Driving School


The following options are available for our graduates. Student Funding, National job Board (an exclusive Job Gateway for our graduates) and Course Schedule options to work around your work schedule.

Why trucking and machinery operations?

  • The lure of the open road.
  • The thrill and challenge of operating powerful rigs and heavy machinery
  • Seeking a secure future in a growing and demanding industry.

There are many reasons why a career in transportation and heavy machinery operations might be right for you.  The industry is also in high demand! Operators and drivers shortages are increasing and will continue to do so. Ontario Truck Driving School can be your ticket to an exciting and secure future.

Courses we offer

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